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Ajax Controls

The keypad and the key fobs manage security modes. And if someone threatens your life, one click of a Button will send the security company patrol your way and notify the relatives.



The Button’ll send an immediate alarm to a hub following by a green blink to indicate successful delivery. The security system will notify a response company and send the notifications to your close ones or colleagues.

Color: Black; White

● Wireless panic button

● Protected from accidental activation

● Protected from dust and splashes



A key fob for controlling security modes. Features a panic button for sending alarms to your inner circle and a security company in case of trouble.




Color: Black; White

● Pocket key fob

● Equipped with a panic button

● Indicates security modes



Wireless touch keypad is used for arming/disarming of Ajax security system. It is mounted in the room near the entrance door to provide quick access to the keypad.

Color: Black; White

● Touch keypad with a wall mount

● Activates silent alarm if you’re forced to enter the code

● Indicates security modes

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